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What is the guide and who it is for?

The guide is for patients and carers (that is, someone that looks after someone else). It gives suggestions that you can use to improve patient safety.

How can the guide be used?

The guide can be used flexibly – there isn’t one right way.

You may want to use it as a reference guide. Or you can print out the forms and take them to your healthcare consultations. You can also use the guide to make notes after your consultation.  You can complete forms online and send them to yourself by email, so you can access them wherever you are, using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

There is also a Patient Safety Guide app which is available for Android and iOs. You can download the app at:

The guide is designed to work alongside existing visits with your healthcare professionals, but is not a replacement for your medical record.

What are the benefits of using the guide?

Do you ever forget what you want to ask when you meet with a healthcare professional? Do you leave your appointment without answers to all your questions?

To avoid this, the guide will help you to prepare, by giving you advice on what you might want think about before your consultation. You can also use it as a reminder or prompt and it is handy for making notes after your consultation.

The main aim of this guide is to empower you, by taking control of your healthcare (or the healthcare of the person you look after), in partnership with your healthcare professional.

Preparing information before your consultation and taking it with you will make sure the time you spend with your doctor, pharmacist or practice nurse is used as effectively as possible.

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