At some point, we are all patients who use primary care services.  ‘Primary care’ includes your GP, pharmacist or other community healthcare service provider. But most of us don’t know how we can be involved in making our care safer.  To help you make the most of your consultation and to make it safer, you can use the guide and forms.

Some suggestions about how you may want to use the guide include:

  • To help you plan what you are going to discuss
  • To help you prioritise what you want to say in a consultation
  • As a prompt and a reminder for discussions you want to have with your healthcare professional
  • As a way of remembering what was said
  • To share with people who help you to look after your health
  • To think about what you can do at home
  • So that you can give feedback
  • To find out more information


You can use this guide to make notes and identify priorities before a consultation. It gives you prompts for questions you might want to ask. It will also help you plan what to do after a consultation.

There are forms that set out questions for you to ask. You can fill in the sections that are useful to you. Questions and points are just suggestions and you may not be able to, or need to, get through all of the questions every time.

Does someone help to look after you?

If someone helps to look after you, you can share this guide with them.


Do you help to look after someone?

If so, you can use this guide to think about questions you might want to ask on behalf of the person you look after.


Visit our Carers page to find out how to make the best use of the guide.

Any information added to forms within this website will not be stored so please make sure you save the form before you leave it.

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