Resources for Healthcare Professionals

You can use the guide and accompanying forms with patients and carers,
to help them plan, prioritise and record their visits.


The completed forms are available to download straight to a computer, phone or tablet, or can be sent by email.


If you are involved in testing ‘A guide for patients and carers’ and require further copies, please contact Rebecca Morris who will email you the guide and forms.

Online tools

Prepare to see your pharmacist or GP

When you are going to the GP you might want to consider the following.

Answer the questions below and we’ll send it to you as a handy PDF attachment to print and take with you to your GP.


Requires a PDF viewer.

My details and any existing conditions


Requires a PDF viewer.

Create a record of the medicines I take

Medicines, tablets and supplements

List all medicines, tables, and supplements you take and we’ll send it to you as a handy PDF attachment.

Include anything taken that might influence your health whether prescribed or not (for example herbal or other supplements, creams, eye drops, inhalers).


Requires a PDF viewer.

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