Going into and leaving hospital

If you go into hospital, or are being discharged, you may want to consider the following.


A. What information do I need when I go into hospital

1  Details of your current conditions

2  A list of your current medications and when you take them

3  Whether you have any allergies

4  Any other information that might be relevant to your care, for example, if you wear a hearing aid, how often to change batteries.

B. Things to consider before leaving hospital

When you leave hospital, your GP will be sent a letter explaining your care (this is called a discharge notice). You may also have been involved in creating a care plan, which will set out the health and social-care support that you may need.

Before you leave the hospital, you may want to ask some of the questions below.

You can ask a healthcare professional to write down important information. If you have any specific questions or doubts, you can also talk about these before you leave the hospital.


Medicine changes

1  You may want to ask the following.

2  Have my medications changed?

3  What has changed and why?

4  How often and when should I take the medications?

5  What side effects might I have and what should I do if I have them?

6  When should my medications be reviewed and who should review them?

7  How long do I need to keep taking these medications for and how does this affect any other medication?

8  If my medicine changes, how should I get rid of my old medicines?


Treatment and management

You may want to ask the following.

1  What should I do if my condition doesn’t improve or gets worse?

2  Is there a phone number if I’m struggling or concerned?

3  How likely am I to have symptoms again?

4  What should I watch out for?

5  When do I need a follow-up with you or my GP?

6  Will someone assess me before I go home or at home?

7  Will I need support (for example, to change dressings)?

8  When can I expect to return to my normal routine and activities?

9  What can I do myself to help manage my condition (for example, changes to my diet or lifestyle)?

C. Things you could tell your GP or pharmacist when you are discharged from hospital

1  Why you went into hospital

2  What your condition was

3  How long you were in hospital

4  Any changes to your medication

5  What follow-up has been advised (for example, tests) and when they will take place

Personal details & medical conditions

Personal details &
medical conditions

Create a personalised record

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